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I’ve been a little missing lately, and I’m sorry about that.  My business has required a bit more of my time as I try once again to pull it out of the suck heap it’s become, and my writing in other avenues has taken up a fair amount of my time as well.  However, I’ve still been dealing with being ADHD, and I’m also raising a kid with ADD (thankfully a more mild form of it).

Before I get into the latest, I have a confession to make.  I am a huge geek.  My favorite science fiction show of all time isn’t Star Trek.  I’m not a Star Wars geek either.  Oh, I love both shows just fine, but what I am is a Browncoat.  Don’t know what that is?  Well, Browncoats are the fans of that short lives television series Firefly, and I’m one of the most uber Browncoats you’ll ever come across.

What does that have to do with ADHD though (talk about burying the lead!)? (more…)

The pain and the agony

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Ramblings
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It’s always hard to lose something you’ve worked hard for.  A relationship.  A home.  A car.  Whatever.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter what it is, if you’ve worked towards it and you lose it, it hurts.  A lot.

I know.  I’m experiencing that.  You see, I’m the publisher of an online newspaper.  It wasn’t always online.  It use to be print as well, but circumstances forced me to go online only and make do with that.  That’s OK though, because I figured newspapers were all going to end up online only anyway.  It’s kind of inevitable, and most of my local colleagues agreed with me.  They knew I was simply stepping where they were going to be in a few years. (more…)

ADHD and relationships

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Ramblings
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Usually, it’s a good thing to know you’re not alone.  However, yesterday I found out how that’s not always the case.  Take, for example, ADHD people and relationships.  Yesterday alone, I read two blogs by ADHD people about problems within their relationships.  I only read three or four people’s blogs yesterday, so that’s a pretty high percentage.

What is it about ADHD that seems to make relationships so damn difficult? (more…)

There’s not be anything here for a couple of days, and this is after almost constant posting by yours truly.  Why is that?  Well, three things actually.  First, I just felt awful Sunday, so I skipped it.  I didn’t figure anyone would begrudge me that.  Yesterday was my 40th birthday, so I was tied up with family showing me how awesome I am.  I’m really OK with that as well.

Reason number three was a new project I started.  It kind of ties into the whole ADHD thing in a number of ways.  That was a young adult novel I started called Twig.  It’s the story of a young man called “Twig” who suffers from ADHD, who finds himself in a world devoid of adults.  His ADHD, which has lead him to explore a number of topics through his young life, is the secret to he and his friends surviving a new world.  I start this project with mixed emotions because of the simple fact that my ADHD also lead me to lose contact with the person the book will be dedicated too. (more…)