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Anyone with ADHD, or who is raising a kid with ADHD, has probably knows what it’s like.  A good kid with ADHD is convinced they’re really a bad kid.  This was the story of my life.   It was particularly bad because my father was a cop who would often tell me how long I could get in jail for some of the idiotic stuff I did as a kid.  I was convinced that I would be in prison by the time I was 21, despite my desire to stay out of jail.

Luckily, that didn’t happen. (more…)

A new way to explain

Posted: August 29, 2013 in What it's like
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It’s hard for a “normal” person to understand what it’s like to have ADHD.  Last night, I stumbled on what may be a new way to explain it to the non ADHD mind.  I figured I’d share it here and ask for comments, concerns, and let folks give it a shot.  It might work well.  It might not.  However, we’ve got to try something, right?

My wife and I were having our nightly “How was your day?” conversation when she mentioned feeling overwhelmed at some point yesterday.  As the conversation was about at the end anyways, I seized the opportunity.  I apologized for hijacking the conversation, but went on to ask her about feeling overwhelmed.  “I feel like that almost all the time,” I told her.  “That’s part of ADHD for me.” (more…)