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There’s not be anything here for a couple of days, and this is after almost constant posting by yours truly.  Why is that?  Well, three things actually.  First, I just felt awful Sunday, so I skipped it.  I didn’t figure anyone would begrudge me that.  Yesterday was my 40th birthday, so I was tied up with family showing me how awesome I am.  I’m really OK with that as well.

Reason number three was a new project I started.  It kind of ties into the whole ADHD thing in a number of ways.  That was a young adult novel I started called Twig.  It’s the story of a young man called “Twig” who suffers from ADHD, who finds himself in a world devoid of adults.  His ADHD, which has lead him to explore a number of topics through his young life, is the secret to he and his friends surviving a new world.  I start this project with mixed emotions because of the simple fact that my ADHD also lead me to lose contact with the person the book will be dedicated too. (more…)